James Penders

James Penders, a recent graduate of Glasgow Clyde College, presents an example of a directing showreel. He showcases productions he has either directed or acted as the first assistant director.

The footage shows a wide variety of setups, compositions, camera and lighting techniques, and variety of the actors present on screen. He also demonstrates many different directing situations, most notably, a lead actress performing a dance sequence, which are infamous to direct, even for professionals.

Penders expresses much of his talent through the visuals. However, I would disagree with the use of audio, or lack thereof. His showreel fails to include any dialogue or music from the productions themselves, instead relying on an upbeat ambient tune to guide the narrative along. As they say, sound makes up half of film, and I believe by not giving an indication of how he likes to direct this aspect of his work, he’s missing out on selling himself further.


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