Genesis 1:1

Let there be light!

It is now the second term of my final year at New College Lanarkshire.

We are studying the Higher National Degree in Television and Film, currently working on the Development stage for our Graded Unit module, which shall ultimately decide our grades. Broadly speaking, the unit is comprised into two main projects, which I have written on below.

Young People’s Perception of Politics

I am to develop a documentary, the theme of which I have chosen as ‘Young People’s Perception of Politics’, a working title which nonetheless speaks a great deal about the purpose of this documentary film. Its aims are simple – to demonstrate that young people from all across the class system, from every race and each gender, are clued up about the world we live in – and that we are politically active. The framing device of this documentary is the recent election of Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Opposition and what it represents to the changing political climate.

So far, I have produced three interviews with individual subjects who exhibit differing political views. A drama student from London who supports far-left Labour, a Conservative voter from Kent, and an independent media student from Cumbernauld. I intend to produce several more of these over the next few months and tailor the documentary to common concerns and themes I find in these interviews.


I am developing a showreel of my work, both for the criteria of my degree, as well as an exhibition of my skill in numerous areas of content generation; writing, directing, assistant directing, acting, editing, visual effects, sound engineering and running.

A lot of things.

To attempt a reel of so many skill sets is a daunting task. However, I feel I am up to the challenge. I aim to produce my showreel to a somewhat unique presentation, utilising the entire visual and auditory spectrum to demonstrate my skill in writing characters and dialogue, my direction in their execution, and should the showreel be successful in these aims; my editing prowess.

Let’s hope it works.



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