Genesis 3:23

Lo, the SQA banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken.

Regretfully, everything I’d written in the last post has been rendered utterly meaningless. For the time being, at least. During the first term, our class were to perform several assignments in relation to the pre-production of our Graded Unit.

These assignments comprised of an Enterprise and Employability essay, an Action Plan and a SWOT analysis. The EE assignment was intended to show off our knowledge of the creative industries, tied to a vocational role of our choosing, in my case, the role of a director. We were to write on every aspect of the industry, from the responsibilities of our chosen role, to training and professional development, to information on the unions, to legalities and everything in between.

Unfortunately, I was one of many in my class who did not provide an adequate essay in this occasion. I had realised long ago that my strength is not in academia, but in performance. What’s even more unfortunate is that I’m not out performing right now, I am in college.

Things are going to have to change.



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