Luke 22:48

“Shai, are you betraying the Son of Man by patching him?”

This week can be summarised by the following image…


After the academic blow back of my previous week, I intend to get back on track with my area of comfort, practical and performance work.

I continue to scour the Earth for informed (and camera friendly) young people to speak for my documentary. I had secured what seemed like a winning pick in a politically active and charismatic Black Lives Matter activist.

Unfortunately, this white boy’s time didn’t matter to him, as he decided to drop off the face of the Earth and patch the interview.

This left me in embarrassing and frankly unprofessional situation where I had acquired the help of fellow classmates and booked an interview space within our college for this interview.

One silver lining is I am in the process of making a deal with two young Conservatives, who are harder to find than half the junk Indiana Jones hunts for.

Examples of interviews acquired thus far.

Should these interviews be successful (and discounting any further patching), the total number of interviews will be raised to five, which is a fair number and closer to my aim of around seven interviewees, which should fill out the required length of this documentary nicely.

Let’s hope for it.




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