Hebrews 10:25


A lot has happened since my last update…

Young People’s Perception of Politics

Two fresh interviews have been shot for my documentary. Last week, I spoke to Shaun, a freelance artist from South Lanarkshire with strong anti-establishment beliefs and a great beard.

shaunShaun’s interview was filmed at the art commons of the college, providing a fitting backdrop for the interviewee.

The following day, I spoke to Michael, a right-leaning member of the Conservative party who was fresh from their Scottish conference.

michaelMichael the Conservative’s interview was shot in an oppressive boardroom.

The interviews went well and both speakers were extremely eloquent, presenting very different viewpoints from one another, which I have began assembling in the edit and will provoide some juicy content when cut between each other in the final product.

I have one additional interview planned, interviewing another young Conservative, possibly filming on location in Edinburgh.

Until then!



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