Proverbs 16:3

“Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.”

The next fortnight is crucial. With little under two months left on the course, and my time at college as a whole, I am taking advantage of the upcoming spring break to get a lot of work in the bag.


My showreel is in a state of semi-completion, incorporating a large library of material I gained during my time on the Pathways, HNC and HND courses, as well as some personal projects.

Over the first week of our spring break, I intend on finalising it. I will look over what works, what doesn’t, and add in some of the fresher material I have shot for my next short film, Serving the Community.

Classmates Brandon Shanley and Kenny Drew also plan on using material from Community in their own showreels, in exchange for their services as crew during the shoot.

Serving Community Realness

In our second week, I plan on directing a two day shoot at the college for Community, the production materials for which I have listed below. On the 12th of April, we are shooting in one of the college’s ‘learning centres’, which will act as the office of the villainous Roy McKay, a shady boxing manager who strikes up a rivalry with the Fellowship of Theo.

Script: Serving the Community – Scene 13 – Int. Roy’s Office

Shot List: Shot List – Community – Scene 13 – Int. Roy’s Office – Night

In attendance to this shoot will be a team of returning collaborators, each reprising a role from a previous short film, including Rebecca Douglas as Jessica Watts, Sarah Docherty as Sister Sarah and Sam McKay as Roy. The aforementioned Brandon and Kenny will be acting as crew.

Script: Serving the Community – Hallway Scenes

Shot List: Shot List – Community – Scenes – Hallway

The following day, we will be shooting in and around the college’s lecture theatre. We will retain the same cast and crew, with the addition of James Penders, continuing his role as Paul. We are shooting the climax of the film, an emotionally and physically demanding sequence. I am thinking that becoming familiar with each other during previous day’s work will allow us to ease into the heavier material.

Let’s hope it all comes together.



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