Luke 13:28

There shall be much weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

Serving the Community

wp-1492173593958.pngSister Sarah looks how I feel.

The second week of my spring break was spent shooting the passion project and showreel fodder, Serving the Community. I’d like to say all went well and good work was produced. I’d like to.


The first day was to be spent shooting the office break-in scenes with Rebecca Douglas, Sarah Docherty and Sam McKay. Stunningly, Rebecca fucked it by going out the night before and crippling herself with a hangover, failing to appear for the shoot. As she and Sarah were together in every shot, no shooting could be done, despite Sarah showing up.

It’s alright.

She didn’t know any of her lines.

Instead, all we could do was plough through with the scenes of Sam McKay, threatening a non-existent actress and having his arms and legs blown off, Monty Python style.

Roy on the floor.pngCharmingly naff visual effects to be added.

To tell the truth, I wasn’t sure of Sam’s ability in this role. The man has become a bit of a running theme in my work over the last two years, after I was impressed with his charisma during our first major project together, In the Name of Revenge. So, it was important to me that he was included in this project, considering its end-of-an-era vibe.

Despite that, I wasn’t sure he could pull off being a truly slimy bastard, considering he’s just so likeable, but he positively killed the role.

We’ve still to shoot another, more involved scene with Sam and but I’m filled with renewed confidence in it.


The second day went better. Trading Sam for James Penders, we were granted full use of the lecture theatre and its respective hallway. One kink encountered was our lack of control over the set’s lighting, which caused us to think creatively on how to shoot this scene, given its late-night setting.

In the end, lowering the camera’s ISO and cranking up the shutter speed combined with strong subject lighting gave us the effect we required.

Sarah and Jessica

Tragically, our good luck didn’t last. The estates manager came over and against his previous word chucked us out at 5pm, causing James’ time to be wasted with none of his scenes shot.

The close up performances of the actresses I also found to be lacking, convincing me that they may also have to be redone with stronger direction once we do the inevitable re-shoot to make of for the disastrous first day.

After that, I spent the weekend on a floor in London.

 – D


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