Jensen Noen

Now, this is the most professional showreel of my selection. Jensen Noen is a Los Angelous-based director of commercials, music videos and short films.

His extensive range of work is up on the screen. The very first shot of his real is a monumental shot of rolling green hills, then transitioning to a tracking shot of two billowing figures on horseback. Clearly directed by a man with ambition and resources.

The reel is then interestingly intercut between many typical camera set-ups and shot types. Close ups, mid shots, extreme wide shots just as he opened with, all with a theatrical and dramatic flaire to each shot, bringing across his technique on music videos. The music is very low key, sombre, not too distracting but not unnoticeable either.

Then the video takes an interesting direction. The music changes its tune and the editing and scenes showcased become frantic and almost action-like. The momentum continues to build through shot after shot, eachy more fantastical than the rest, until the sight of a literal angel ends his reel, with a single credit card at the end showcasing his website.

Overall, a highly eye catching and professional showreel, one which should be inspirational to any artist starting out in this field.


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