Psalm 95:1

“Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation!”

Creative Break

Returning to Scotland, I began ‘creative break’. Not as much a break than a creatively cruel exercise, myself and classmate Kenny Drew were joined by HNC TV and Sound students, to put together a song and music video within four days.

creative breakSeen here showing off my great nostrils.

Much of this week was a haze to me, thanks to ill health which had developed, but I assisted Kenny in developing a behind the scenes reel of the making of the music, getting to know Nikki and Gregory as they worked on it.

The HNC students fled as soon as they were let off the leash, never to be seen again, so our time observing them was limited. They did however deliver on the video and it was shown on Friday to all four groups.

Despite not being very involved in the production of the video, I believe it came out an interesting experiment and decent production considering the restraints.

I will now focus the next six weeks exclusively on college work, tying up the theory work remaining and finishing production on my graded unit documentary, to which I’m filming the last interview for next week in Edinburgh.

I hope to God it goes well.

– D


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