Dale McLean

I’d like to analyse what I consider to be a failure of a showreel. Dale McLean, who fancies himself as a jack-of-all-trades technician of the craft, presents a showreel which fails to capitalize on any of his supposed strengths. The first flaw is it takes you two minutes and three seconds before you learn which discipline he is advertising. He presents a very eye-catching opening logo but one which fails to state his name or occupation and is cut far too quickly into the following shot before the viewer has a chance to even fully read it.

It is only at the tail end of its length that Dale declares this a Cinematographer’s reel. I fail to see how it earns this status. The majority of it displays none of the typical set ups a cinematographer is involved in, but rather showcases public events and live interviews, set ups with minimal involvement from someone of this craft. Even the ‘music video’ category of his reel showcases one video which extremely bland natural lighting and another which, like the content before it, takes place on-location which would have been most likely handled by on-site staff.

I would have considered this more appropriate as a camera op’s showreel more than anything else, but I believe it is just important to analyse showreels of low quality to learn as a fellow creative.


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