Samuel 6:19

“God struck down the inhabitants. The people mourned because of the heavy blow the Lord had dealt them.”

I have unfortunate news to drop. It seems I will not be studying at university this year. The reasons are extraneous. I had made a late application, I was down for Year 2, I was on the reserve list.


In the view of one particular establishment — my firm choice — I did not fit their idea of a quality candidate. I recived an automated message from UCAS asking me to check my status in Track. It was only after personally requesting any information on this decision that I recived some feedback from the school.

My storytelling and narrative abilities were weak. They based this assertion from three pieces of my work. One about a therapy session, one set in the future, and one about a cult.

“There is a certain narrative sameness about them.”

“Personally I would have preferred to see a candidate demonstrate a bit more range.”

“The dialogue is a little heavy-handed, and there is no real sense of character in any of the pieces. In addition the narrative needs to flow more smoothly. The films are very stylish but they also lack a little in terms of substance.”

DON'T CAST YOURSELF.PNG“I would also advise against casting yourself in your own film. I wonder about your ability to genuinely collaborate.”

“This is an area where, to be blunt, you are fairly weak.”




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