Inspiration III

This is a tremendous interview with Russian writer, director and editor, Andrei Tarkovsky. Here, he declares his thoughts on young filmmakers, how they should view the art of film and what they can do for it, not the other way around.

It is a sentiment which speaks vividly to me and it is truly inspiring to hear it from an accomplished man such as him.




Inspirations II

Sam Rami, a longstanding genre director, is anaylized in this brilliant video on how he captures cinematic moments in his work.

Great stuff.

Inspirations I

It begins, as all things do, with inspiration.

One of my greatest inspirations is the Oscar Wilde of film, Edgar Wright.

Edgar Wright – Every Frame a Painting

When it came time to shoot a sitcom – he shot it like an action film. When it came time to shoot a romantic comedy – he shot it like a thriller. The man defies common conventions in film and in doing so, I believe, he is true to the art of creativity.

Top lad.