Psalm 95:1

“Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation!”

Creative Break

Returning to Scotland, I began ‘creative break’. Not as much a break than a creatively cruel exercise, myself and classmate Kenny Drew were joined by HNC TV and Sound students, to put together a song and music video within four days.

creative breakSeen here showing off my great nostrils.

Much of this week was a haze to me, thanks to ill health which had developed, but I assisted Kenny in developing a behind the scenes reel of the making of the music, getting to know Nikki and Gregory as they worked on it.

The HNC students fled as soon as they were let off the leash, never to be seen again, so our time observing them was limited. They did however deliver on the video and it was shown on Friday to all four groups.

Despite not being very involved in the production of the video, I believe it came out an interesting experiment and decent production considering the restraints.

I will now focus the next six weeks exclusively on college work, tying up the theory work remaining and finishing production on my graded unit documentary, to which I’m filming the last interview for next week in Edinburgh.

I hope to God it goes well.

– D


Jensen Noen

Now, this is the most professional showreel of my selection. Jensen Noen is a Los Angelous-based director of commercials, music videos and short films.

His extensive range of work is up on the screen. The very first shot of his real is a monumental shot of rolling green hills, then transitioning to a tracking shot of two billowing figures on horseback. Clearly directed by a man with ambition and resources.

The reel is then interestingly intercut between many typical camera set-ups and shot types. Close ups, mid shots, extreme wide shots just as he opened with, all with a theatrical and dramatic flaire to each shot, bringing across his technique on music videos. The music is very low key, sombre, not too distracting but not unnoticeable either.

Then the video takes an interesting direction. The music changes its tune and the editing and scenes showcased become frantic and almost action-like. The momentum continues to build through shot after shot, eachy more fantastical than the rest, until the sight of a literal angel ends his reel, with a single credit card at the end showcasing his website.

Overall, a highly eye catching and professional showreel, one which should be inspirational to any artist starting out in this field.

Luke 13:28

There shall be much weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

Serving the Community

wp-1492173593958.pngSister Sarah looks how I feel.

The second week of my spring break was spent shooting the passion project and showreel fodder, Serving the Community. I’d like to say all went well and good work was produced. I’d like to.


The first day was to be spent shooting the office break-in scenes with Rebecca Douglas, Sarah Docherty and Sam McKay. Stunningly, Rebecca fucked it by going out the night before and crippling herself with a hangover, failing to appear for the shoot. As she and Sarah were together in every shot, no shooting could be done, despite Sarah showing up.

It’s alright.

She didn’t know any of her lines.

Instead, all we could do was plough through with the scenes of Sam McKay, threatening a non-existent actress and having his arms and legs blown off, Monty Python style.

Roy on the floor.pngCharmingly naff visual effects to be added.

To tell the truth, I wasn’t sure of Sam’s ability in this role. The man has become a bit of a running theme in my work over the last two years, after I was impressed with his charisma during our first major project together, In the Name of Revenge. So, it was important to me that he was included in this project, considering its end-of-an-era vibe.

Despite that, I wasn’t sure he could pull off being a truly slimy bastard, considering he’s just so likeable, but he positively killed the role.

We’ve still to shoot another, more involved scene with Sam and but I’m filled with renewed confidence in it.


The second day went better. Trading Sam for James Penders, we were granted full use of the lecture theatre and its respective hallway. One kink encountered was our lack of control over the set’s lighting, which caused us to think creatively on how to shoot this scene, given its late-night setting.

In the end, lowering the camera’s ISO and cranking up the shutter speed combined with strong subject lighting gave us the effect we required.

Sarah and Jessica

Tragically, our good luck didn’t last. The estates manager came over and against his previous word chucked us out at 5pm, causing James’ time to be wasted with none of his scenes shot.

The close up performances of the actresses I also found to be lacking, convincing me that they may also have to be redone with stronger direction once we do the inevitable re-shoot to make of for the disastrous first day.

After that, I spent the weekend on a floor in London.

 – D

Inspiration III

This is a tremendous interview with Russian writer, director and editor, Andrei Tarkovsky. Here, he declares his thoughts on young filmmakers, how they should view the art of film and what they can do for it, not the other way around.

It is a sentiment which speaks vividly to me and it is truly inspiring to hear it from an accomplished man such as him.



Proverbs 16:3

“Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.”

The next fortnight is crucial. With little under two months left on the course, and my time at college as a whole, I am taking advantage of the upcoming spring break to get a lot of work in the bag.


My showreel is in a state of semi-completion, incorporating a large library of material I gained during my time on the Pathways, HNC and HND courses, as well as some personal projects.

Over the first week of our spring break, I intend on finalising it. I will look over what works, what doesn’t, and add in some of the fresher material I have shot for my next short film, Serving the Community.

Classmates Brandon Shanley and Kenny Drew also plan on using material from Community in their own showreels, in exchange for their services as crew during the shoot.

Serving Community Realness

In our second week, I plan on directing a two day shoot at the college for Community, the production materials for which I have listed below. On the 12th of April, we are shooting in one of the college’s ‘learning centres’, which will act as the office of the villainous Roy McKay, a shady boxing manager who strikes up a rivalry with the Fellowship of Theo.

Script: Serving the Community – Scene 13 – Int. Roy’s Office

Shot List: Shot List – Community – Scene 13 – Int. Roy’s Office – Night

In attendance to this shoot will be a team of returning collaborators, each reprising a role from a previous short film, including Rebecca Douglas as Jessica Watts, Sarah Docherty as Sister Sarah and Sam McKay as Roy. The aforementioned Brandon and Kenny will be acting as crew.

Script: Serving the Community – Hallway Scenes

Shot List: Shot List – Community – Scenes – Hallway

The following day, we will be shooting in and around the college’s lecture theatre. We will retain the same cast and crew, with the addition of James Penders, continuing his role as Paul. We are shooting the climax of the film, an emotionally and physically demanding sequence. I am thinking that becoming familiar with each other during previous day’s work will allow us to ease into the heavier material.

Let’s hope it all comes together.


Proverbs 17:22

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

I certainly hope so!

My health has not been in the best condition as of late, but  my work has given me direction.

Young Man’s Old Man

That is the current title for the still in-development Young People’s Perceptions of Politics. It was suggested by my classmate Kenny Drew, who I’ll be sure to sort royalties with once this becomes viral and I get my BBC Radio spot.

I have an excerpt of the documentary available for viewing, looking at my interviewee’s first impressions of Jeremy Corbyn.

Serving the Community

IMG_7077Bloody hell.

Until next,


Hebrews 10:25


A lot has happened since my last update…

Young People’s Perception of Politics

Two fresh interviews have been shot for my documentary. Last week, I spoke to Shaun, a freelance artist from South Lanarkshire with strong anti-establishment beliefs and a great beard.

shaunShaun’s interview was filmed at the art commons of the college, providing a fitting backdrop for the interviewee.

The following day, I spoke to Michael, a right-leaning member of the Conservative party who was fresh from their Scottish conference.

michaelMichael the Conservative’s interview was shot in an oppressive boardroom.

The interviews went well and both speakers were extremely eloquent, presenting very different viewpoints from one another, which I have began assembling in the edit and will provoide some juicy content when cut between each other in the final product.

I have one additional interview planned, interviewing another young Conservative, possibly filming on location in Edinburgh.

Until then!